Latest Toughs: Fat Tony, Holiday Mountain and More

Latest Toughs

If you live in Austin then you already know there’s too much damn music to keep track of. And sometimes you just want to sift through it in bite-sized chunks. We totally understand. Allow us to introduce you to The Latest Toughs, five tracks from five bands to get you up to date and make each of your workdays a little easier.

Bombón “Dame un Beso (ft. Fat Tony & La Comadre)”

Between the rain and a night of unexpected debauchery, the only thing I want to do this Monday is chill the fuck out. So I appreciate Austin label Discos Peligrosa dropping Bombón and Fat Tony’s new collaboration “Dame un Beso” today. The track has the tropical Houston crew serving up an especially laid back beat for Fat Tony to do his thing over, emphasizing his slack charm and slinky vocals. The track is undoubtedly a summer jam, but it’s a distinctly airy and light kind of summer, which makes it perfect relief here at the peak of an unsurprisingly hot and humid August in Austin.

Discos Peligrosa is throwing a release party for the single this Friday, August 19th at Empire Control Room with Fat Tony and Bombón

Jay Kirk “#makeachange”

Generally I’m against hashtags in song titles, but Jay Kirk’s “#makeachange” is so sincere and catchy it deserves a pass. Over a Jurassic 5 indebted Ruler Why beat, Jay Kirk “shocks people with new facts like his name was Raiden,” schooling shit talkers and doubters with on point lyrics and a velvet flow. The song is unexpectedly swervy, flawlessly pulling off a pretty drastic key change in its second half so that Jay Kirk can switch up his flow and show off his verbal dexterity, but it’s never flashy or cumbersome.

Holiday Mountain “Bump That Bass”

Holiday Mountain’s new album Shia is a major leap forward for Austin’s most seductive oddballs, which you should already know if you’ve been keeping up with the band’s singles. “Bump That Bass” is the latest offering and it wastes no time delivering on its title. Laura Patiño coos and slithers her way through the subwoofer quaking synths and drums, detailing an infatuation that makes it hard to do anything other than dance. And what better way to deal with that than by provoking the same feelings in listeners?

J Shaq- “Ghetto (ft. Tank Washington)”

Another week, another fresh faced newcomer proving the Austin hip hop scene is more vital than ever. This week it’s J Shaq, with an assist by LNS Crew star Tank Washington. On “Ghetto,” J Shaq shows off a commanding flow, more than holding his own alongside Tank. The juxtaposition of J Shaq’s smoother, more casual style and Tank’s coarse delivery works to both artists’ advantage, especially when paired with an old school beat built around a sped up sample of Syl Johnson’s classic “Is It Because I’m Black.” “Ghetto” is clear and straightforward, lacking a hook and avoiding filler, showcasing a hungry young artist who’s eager to prove himself and ready to rise to the top.

emune “Get Loose”

Local collective Always Proper has been flying under the radar while releasing some of Austin’s chillest instrumental music. If you haven’t introduced yourself to AP’s catalog, their new series “Ear Candy” might be the best place to start. Featuring some of AP’s best talent producing catchy, bite-sized singles, “Ear Candy” is a delicious series, as emune’s introductory offering “Get Loose” proves. In a little over a minute, “Get Loose” unveils a number of intriguing elements, from dreamy synths to b-boy samples and lo-fi drums. Like any good candy, it’s short and sweet and addictive, but unlike confections, it won’t rot your teeth no matter how much you consume it.

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