Being 100% Yourself: A Conversation with Kodie Shane

by Ashley Murphy

Kodie Shane

Kodie Shane is an Atlanta artist who has been building up buzz with her colorful, self-assured approach to hip hop, landing collaborations with Lil’ Yachty and a contract with Epic Records. Ashley Murphy got the chance to talk to Shane just before her show tonight at Emo’s with Syd from the Internet, touching on everything from Shane’s philosophy of living like a don to how Outkast’s Andre 3000 continues to be a major inspiration.

Ashley Murphy for Ovrld: You’ve talked before about this idea of being seen as a player/the don, which is a common sort of persona among artists, but I like that with you, it doesn’t seem to be to say “wow, look I can get all these women/men” or whatever, but it’s more about “I can do whatever I want, and therefore, so can you.” What does this persona mean to you?

Kodie Shane: Yeah, I definitely agree with that. That’s definitely my attitude and what I’m trying to do… it’s a message I want to give all my fans – and all my younger fans – that you can do what you want, you know, it’s all about you, be yourself.

Ovrld: That definitely shows in your music in songs like “Sad,” but what I like about it is that lyrically, your music isn’t always blatantly saying “do what you want to do,” but as an artist, you show that you can and that’s really important. What music or artists inspired you to be yourself growing up, in life and in your music?

KS: All my life I feel like I’ve really been myself. I feel like that’s how I was raised, but I definitely think that Frank Ocean inspired me when I was younger. Andre 3000 still inspires me today, so does Frank Ocean but those are two people that mainly inspired me. Andre 3000 always did what he wanted, he wears what he wants, you know. And Frank Ocean, even though it took him some time to really be 100% himself, he did it.

Ovrld: Being in (Lil Yachty’s) Sailing Team, growing up in a musical family and collaborating with people like you just did with Nessly on your song “Sirens,” what do you like about collaborating with someone creatively versus writing on your own?

KS: I just like the different energy it brings to the moment in general. Me and Nessly get along really good so it’s always fun creating with him, but I always like different features from people if I like their music because it just brings a different energy, you know.

Ovrld: What are you enjoying about touring with Syd?

KS: I’ve definitely been super enjoying playing shows with Syd… I would say that her show is so fire. Her music is so good, her show is nonstop just really good music, I definitely feel like she’s fire and underrated. I’ve been having a great time, the shows are really good and I’m excited. I definitely think I’m getting a lot of new fans.

Ovrld: Anything you want to add about the show or just your music in general?

KS: Just look out for all the new music, and get tickets to the Jhené (Aiko) tour, we goin’ crazy!