Exclusive Premiere and Giveaway: EMQ “Shame”

The sharpest of Ovrld readers will remember that way back in the more innocent times of April 2015, we nursed a crush on Christopher Cox’s remix of “Shame,” a track by Asleep at the Wheel vocalist Elizabeth McQueen’s new project EMQ. It was only up for a moment as part of a trifecta of interpretations of “Shame,” but senior staff crankster Nick Hanover caught it in time to argue that it “reconfigures EMQ as an Austin response to the Blow,” enthusiastically stating that “by the end, if you aren’t left wanting more, I feel sorry for you.” Well, now you can judge for yourself, as EMQ have resurrected “Shame” to tease their forthcoming EP Infinity + Infinity, due out in the spring of 2016, produced in full by Cox and his mixing partner Grant Johnson, with the official “Shame” singly dropping on October 27th. Even better, EMQ are on the bill for a top secret Black Fret event that is so secret they won’t even give us any info on it BUT! they have given us a pair of tickets to it for a lucky Ovrd fan to win. All you have to do is comment here to be entered, and if you go and retweet and share the respective Tweets and Facebook posts about this, you’ll get another name in the hat to increase your chances of winning.