Vinyl Split Wants to Help Artists Bond Over Vinyl

by Andrew DeThomas

Vinyl Split

A new music project in Austin is using the classic format of split vinyl releases to reshape the face of the local music scene.

Vinyl Split (VS) kicked off its venture at the beginning of September 2016. The project’s goal is to showcase and support local musicians by pressing their music to vinyl for the first time. The aptly named Vinyl Split is utilizing the classic “split vinyl” or “split album” format. With its focus on pairing up similar artists to occupy each side of a record, VS plans to produce a series of genre-focused records that capture each band’s essence while strengthening the artist community.

Many emerging local artists struggle with funding their recording projects. Vinyl Split founder, Bryce Vernon, notes “Most local artists aren’t able to press their music to vinyl due to budget restrictions or not having a full-length album.” He adds, “I want to give our city’s artists the platform to share their stories and sound in an effective way. It’s through vinyl that we’ll be able to do just that.” Beyond the favorable costs and logistics, this record format also allows bands to share fan bases as the vinyl owners are exposed to some new music as well.

In the era of music streaming, choosing vinyl records may seem counterintuitive at first. However, according to Forbes, vinyl sales have continued to grow steadily over the past decade. Vinyl’s resurgence would suggest that records are actually one of the preferred formats for music lovers to experience artists.

To align with its community-centric vision, Vinyl Split is using the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to launch its first vinyl split edition. The Vinyl Split Kickstarter campaign will run for just less than 30 days with a funding goal of $7,000. The first edition is centered on the Americana and Rock ‘n’ Roll genre and will feature Austin’s own Daniel Eyes and the Vibes and Duncan Fellows. To learn more about Vinyl Split or to support the project, readers can visit the Vinyl Split Kickstarter Page.

Andrew DeThomas is a concert photographer and writer based out of Austin, TX who is also starting his own creative development company.