Turn On Austin: Local Streaming Content for Indoor Entertainment

by Adam Protextor

With more and more live events and venues cancelling shows amid COVID-19 concerns, many Austin residents are practicing social distancing and staying inside, which, let’s face it, can get boring fast. But fear not — with so many local content creators and artists spinning homegrown gold online, staying in doesn’t have to mean not supporting Austin art. Now’s your chance to catch up on some of the city’s finest streaming content, and from comedy podcasts to independent web series to Twitch streams, we’ve got a list to help get you started. All descriptions provided by creators.


Adventure Incorporated

Created by Anthony Reed, Steph Crugnola and Mike Ellison

What: A live-play D&D podcast in a homebrew world – think LOST meets Patrick Rothfuss meets your table game of D&D! Listen here.

Bench Warmers Podcast

Bench Warmers

Created by Casey Coggins

What: Three friends in San Antonio discuss local and national sports stories and topics. Listen here.

The Breaks

Created by Confucius Jones and Aaron “Fresh” Knight

What: Welcome to The Breaks podcast where hosts Confucius and Fresh talk all things hip-hop — Texas hip-hop, hip hop news, hip-hop history — they cover it all. Both men were born and raised in Austin, Texas and want to let the world know about the city’s vibrant hip-hop and R&B scenes. They also want to give people a window into their own lived experience in the Live Music Capital of the World. This podcast is a compilation of insight, opinion and highlights from their Saturday night hip-hop show on KUTX 98.9 FM in Austin. Listen here.

Flawed: The Podcast

Created by Ricardo Ramirez

What: Flawed is a podcast where guests talk about their flaws. Riky is the host and one of his biggest flaws is that he cannot and does not like talking to people. Make sure to check out the rest of the website for video too! Listen here.

How Did I Get Here?

Created by Johnny Goudie

What: A podcast that features conversations with fellow musicians and other folks in the arts and entertainment. Johnny’s balance of empathy, insight and cheekiness bring out the “real person” in everyone he talks to. Sometimes you laugh sometimes you cry, but it’s always 100% entertaining and engaging on “How Did I Get Here?”. Listen here.

Louder Than Hell

Louder Than Hell

Created by Connor Nutt

What: A weekly podcast discussing all the latest news in rock music. Spanning from classic rock to modern heavy metal. Listen here.

Song Confessional

Created by Walker Lukens and Zac Catanzaro

What: On the Song Confessional Podcast, today’s top bands and songwriters turn anonymous stories into new original songs. Each episode features the “confession” that inspires the original song, the song premiere, and an interview with the songwriter. Song Confessional is hosted by Walker Lukens and Zac Catanzaro and is a collaboration with KUTX radio in Austin, Texas. Listen here.

Super Switch Headz

Created by David Howe, Patrick Knisely, and Matthew Stoner

What: A weekly Nintendo-focused gaming podcast that acts as both a source of news in the gaming industry and a platform to discuss high-concept gaming related topics at a broad scale. Listen here.

This Song

Created by Elizabeth McQueen

What: Musician, composer and radio host Elizabeth McQueen wants to hear about transformational songs. In conversations and interviews with fellow musicians and artists, McQueen talks with them about life-changing songs, inspiration, creativity and so much more. Listen here.


Created by Michael Jastroch, Cortnie Jones, Lance Gilstrap, Jericho Thorp, Bryan Roberts and Molly Moore

What: Improvised sketch comedy. Produced by ColdTowne Theater. Listen here.

Yeah, But Are You Happy?

Created by Katie Stone and Lane Ingram

What: A podcast exploring the intersection between creativity and mental health, hosted by Austin comedians Katie Stone & Lane Ingram. Creatives can either glorify or stigmatize mental health, and every episode tackles a new topic related to these mentalities. Listen here.


Kyle VS Tom Hanks

Created by Kyle Sweeney

What: In this five episode series, Kyle meets Hollywood nice guy Tom Hanks, which launches arguably the greatest conflict in human history! (The series was created by writing/editing a longform story pairing new footage with several Tom Hanks film performances.) Watch here.

Paranormal Disruption

Created by Nikita Redkar

What: A horror-comedy web series about a tech startup haunted by evil spirits and weirder coworkers. Watch here.

Server Life

Created by Alex Ayala and Chris Karr

What: Welcome to Smokehouse — a restaurant in Austin, Texas where the customers are impossible and the servers are over it. Watch here.

Uncomfortable The Series


Created by Yola Lu

What: Uncomfortable follows Olivia as she navigates through life and all the misfortunes she comes across. In a world where it seems like everything and anything can’t seem to go this wrong, it does, and it’ll make you maybe feel a tad … uncomfortable. (Sorry! Had to do it!)) Watch here.

We Are…

Created by B.B. Araya

What: We Are is an anthological short film series that offers a glimpse into the lives of seven women of color navigating their way through friendships, self-doubt, and quarter-life crises in Austin, TX. Distributed by Issa Rae Presents. Watch here.

Web Shows


Created by Brandon Martin

What: A low grade property manager tries to live up to his father’s expectations. Watch here.

The CO-OP Sessions 

Jake Lloyd

Created by Jake Lloyd, Jake Rabin and Danny DSII Saldivar

What: Performer Jake LLoyd and his band take songs they love and flip them, all within the comfy confines of their rehearsal space. Watch here.

Dreams of Don Jon

Created by Don Jon Vonavich

What: Follow the antics of DonJon, Kyle, and friends as they create art, beauty, and joy at the DJV Ranch. Watch here.

RPG: Rappers Playing Games

Created by Adam Protextor

What: An interview/let’s play mashup where MC Protextor hangs out with different hip hop artists from the ATX community to play a retro game of their choosing and talk about anything and everything. Presented with Game Over Videogames. Watch here.

Slumber Party Club

Created by Stephanie Thoreson and Adam Protextor

What: A candy-coated 360 deep dive into pop culture, featuring all your favorite sleepover games and one special guest comedian every night. Watch here.



Created by Chris McKeever and Chaz Formichella 

What: Two great friends playing Mario Maker 2. “Our gameplay is strong, but our friendship is stronger.” Watch here.

Heroes of Awesome: Constellation

Created by Mark Gardner (Heroes of Awesome/The Weirdlings)

What: A handful of Austin theatre veterans gather to play the Star Trek Adventures RPG, depicting the lives, relationships, and adventures of the intrepid crew of the USS Mazu as it faces a number of daring missions … and dangerous conspiracies! Watch here.

Live Music Writing and Tracking

Created by R.J. Fechter

What: Every Weds on live stream, R.J. writes and records new music. The songs are then mixed, mastered, and put on his Soundcloud page (@RJFechterMusic), with music videos created and uploaded after. Watch here.


Created by Mike Mirabal

What: A Hispanic millennial standup/improv comedian plays video games and talks about film study and the NBA. 18+ Watch here.

Got a streaming show you want us to add to the list? Send us an email with the info!