#ATXHipHop 2015: A Complete DiscogRAPhy

There’s a theory somewhere that suggests that the more of something you have together in one place, the easier it is for everyone to see.  Austin TX hip hop has been on a particularly prolific bent in 2015, so with that in mind, here’s a comprehensive discography of every EP, LP, mixtape, or beat tape released by an #ATXHipHop artist this year.  Now, people often complain that Austin doesn’t have a “sound”, but I would argue that “sounds” put artists in a box, and Austin proved that this year with a body of work of consistent quality and envelope-pushing musical ideas.  Whether you’re looking to party, meditate, revolt, or go on a psychedelic trip, I promise you’ll find something in this list you can do it to.

Austin’s population just hit 2 million people, and there’s no stopping the force of hip hop now.  Explore the list of over 50 albums below and see if you don’t agree. – Adam Protextor

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Goldschool-  Goldschool Mixtape


Mike DWuT Medina- Wake Up Music Mixtape


RNAtheMESSENGER- Here Cometh the Dreamer


Alexander St. Clair- Avenue to Broken Dreams


Curbside Jones- Boom Bapparitions

(Ovrld coverage here)



takeOne- Adrift


KB the Boo Bonic- Farah Flossitt

(Ovrld coverage here)


Squad- SouthsideSpittaz Vol. 2 (Mouth of the Souf)


King ART- Infinite Reign


MR. GRAY- “The Life and Grind”


Adino tha Classic- Kush and Coke


Curbside Jones- Gruve (EPisode 1ne)


LNS Crew- LNS Mixtape Vol. 2

(Ovrld coverage here)



JOEY Maurice- Return of the Heartless 2: #TheMeIntroduction


The Weird Project- The First Beat Tape


MODAL- Unfolding


Chief and thedoomsdaydevice- Slow Burnout


Cap ‘n’ Kirk x Mikulak- FMBO e’klektic

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Various Artists- Exploded Drawing SXSW Compilation

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ike & h+- The Paradise Lost Tapes


Phranchyze- The Anime Tape

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Tuk Da Gat & S-Dot- Green Room


Tee Double- Gas Mask

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colblamin- e-ratic



Thorough Henry- I’ll Be Here Until I’m Not


Space Camp Death Squad- Space Camp Death Squad

(Ovrld coverage here)


Malik- The Principium

(Ovrld coverage here)


Salvasquared- Peleamos



Doogie Fresh- Doogie Fresh


L-Theanine- Cap Metro 7

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Notably Proficient Music- Newborn: An Instrumental Journey Into a New Life

Notably Proficient Music

Available on iTunes


Scan Reason- Circuit Board A


Tosin- Don’t Mess wit’ Texas Vol. 22


Order here


Soopafrendz- SoopaMix Vol. 1



Spike Wharton- Whitestone V


Chief and thedoomsdaydevice- Transition Man

(Ovrld coverage here)


Tone Royal- Rushing Greatness


Flobama- Beat Tape


Various Artists- Blaqman Records Presents Austin Underground



JOEY Maurice x Phraynkh P- Blunt Brotherz


Arez Cobain- Apocalypto



Crew 54- Wyld Gentlemen


Woody Woods- Beat Tape


Gwap Kartel- StrghtFrmBss


Reinforced Steel- The Dictator


Doogie McDuff & Madd Angler- Madd McDuff


L-Theanine- Fudge Circles Circles


Butcher Bear- This is How the Game Gets Played

(Ovrld coverage here)



Jontae Slaughter- Things Change


JOEY Maurice- Blue 2


The Undergrind- World Renown


Money Network- The Social Network Mixtape


Notes Floats- Same Boat


Azatat- Serpentine


Bigg John- Jungle Musicc



(Ovrld coverage here)


Protextor- Shift

(Ovrld coverage here)


Bankreaux Aces- Benny Banks


Braylay- B.R.A.Y (Been Ready All Year)


Download here



Click-Clack- untitled


Suicide Notes- Suicide Notes


Clova- UniverSoul Language


Clemits- Crush

Full album for order here


Kilmatik- Regular

Kilmatik Regular

Will be released Dec. 17th, pre-order here. Ovrld coverage here


Curbside Jones- Digital Boogeyman

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