Where’s the Moon? A SXSW Journey with Magna Carda

Last year, Ovrld followed local favorites Magna Carda throughout SXSW, documenting their shows, their experiences and the community around them. We wanted to give people a glimpse at what local bands go through during one of the largest music events in the world and to highlight some of the pros and cons of SXSW. Over the span of seven days and seven shows, we were there with Magna Carda as they played to crowds of varying sizes, as venues mixed up their set times and tourists questioned them on the streets. We also spoke with people like Riders Against the Storm, Adam Protextor and the Austin Chronicle’s Kevin Curtin to get further perspective on SXSW and the state of local hip hop. Today, we’re premiering the video to coincide with Magna Carda’s album release party at The Belmont for their new release cirQlation. We hope you’ll enjoy this mini documentary!