Video World Premiere: “Like Ripples” by Hikes


We are pleased to present to you a world premiere of the music video for “Like Ripples” by local math-folk band Hikes (check out their Bandcamp page to get familiar with their material). It was directed by the team of Javier Avellán and Christopher Corona, known as Lobo Sucio Productions. Javier explained some of the inspiration to the video:

“The process of creating the video was a fun and great experience. While brainstorming ideas for the song, someone brought up the film Hook and how much they love it. It was then revealed that for the first show Hikes played (originally Will Kauber and Nathan Wilkins) the two members dressed up as Peter Pan and Rufio. From there, we ran with the idea of creating an homage to the 1991 film and decided it was the proper decision to make. Will and Nathan reprised their roles as Peter and Rufio, respectively, while Colin Jenkins (bass) and Chris Long (drums) played Lost Boys. I chose to play Captain Hook, mainly because I can grow a nice mustache. The rest of the cast is made up of friends and family who wanted to be a part if a fun project. Everyone did a fantastic job and we had a great time working together.

We got in contact with the folks at the Black Dragon Pirate Ship on South Padre, TX and they allowed for us to shoot a sequence on their ship. It was a great experience and we are all very grateful to have had the opportunity to do it.

And we’re grateful to share this awesome video with all of you. Enjoy!

-Carter Delloro