Exclusive Video Premiere: Velcrowolf “Walkman Wars”

There are countless unsung heroes in Austin music but one of our longtime faves is Velcrowolf, whose vibrant yet gritty aesthetic has resulted in some of the best poster art and music video work in the scene. Unsurprisingly, that aesthetic manifests beautifully in his music as well, with his upcoming release Destroyer of Batteries sounding like a tour through Velcrowolf’s mind, with all the neon and malfunctioning electronics and punk energy that entails. Prior to this, Velcrowolf has released music as Built by Snow and Oh Look Out, but he told us that he is releasing this material under the Velcrowolf moniker to help bring together fans of his art and fans of his music who might not realize he operates in both spheres. “At this point, most people who are familiar Velcrowolf know me exclusively for poster and design art… and most people who know my music projects don’t know I am also a designer/animator who goes by Velcrowolf.”

To that end, we’re thrilled to bring you the premiere of the superbly named “Walkman Wars,” complete with a video montage of dance battles and rhythmic mayhem. The track itself is one of our favorites from the album– with its insistent chiptune energy and schoolyard taunt vocals it sounds like a showdown between The Go! Team and Hot Chip. Check it out for yourself below and be sure to scoop up Destroyer of Batteries on October 2nd!