Exclusive Track Premiere: Tyson Swindell “Was It a Rat I Saw”

Tyson Swindell is one of Austin’s more prolific musicians, popping up in a number of groups while also holding down solo projects like Theorie Ornery, where he concocted sultry R&B. But Swindell’s newest project, under his own name, has him delivering “a transcendental collection of piano songs” titled Palindromes. As “Was It a Rat I Saw,” which we’re premiering below, proves, the result is more Disasterpeace than Philip Glass, with off-kilter cheerful melodies twisted into themselves through filters and reverse effects while delay coated electronics alternately create menacing tones and tranquil rhythms. It’s a unique work that illustrates how eclectic Swindell’s ouevre is, so dig in, take a listen and then head to Barracuda tonight, January 4th, to see how it translates to a live setting.