Exclusive Song Premier: The Sour Notes “Lay Me Down Smooth”

Sour Notes Mohawk

Having just returned from a several state tour, The Sour Notes have dropped yet another track from their latest LP Do What May, an album that (while available locally since May) will finally see its broad release and vinyl debut just over a month from now. As Do What May‘s final track, “Lay Me Down Smooth” provides a downbeat coda to an album that runs the gamut of styles from pop, to indie rock, and block rocking psychedelia. Piano backed and accented by weeping guitars, “Lay Me Down Smooth” is a must for any rainy day mix tape and a mellow note to go out on for Do What May. Check it out below!
The Sour Notes will be playing their first Austin show after arriving back in town from their summer tour tomorrow at Mohawk on Red River. Doors are at 9pm.