Exclusive Video Premiere: Tåsi x Brown v. Board “Cleanse”

One of the most intriguing developments this year has been the rise of local label/collective Outer Limit. Comprised of beatmakers and songwriters who skew towards the dreamier end of electronic music and hip hop, Outer Limit stands out from a densely packed and rapidly expanding Austin scene. We’re always excited whenever the Outer Limit crew sends us something to share with everyone and today is no different, as they sent over a fascinating collaboration with Tåsi, Brown v. Board and producer Left Ear. We’ve been watching Brown v. Board for a while and the news that he had joined Outer Limit was especially thrilling and “Cleanse” doesn’t let us down. Brown gets in one of the best lines we’ve heard all year (“Had to leave the white man’s college/To find myself/Who I am is not dreams“) but Left Ear’s hypnotic, dusty beat and tåsi’s chill pondering helps set the song apart from the bulk of Austin hip hop, making for an unusually zen bit of beat philosophy. Check out the video below and keep an eye out for the collaborators’ upcoming album Hara, due out in February: