Exclusive Track Premiere: Tamarron “Let’s Get Out”

by Zev Powell

Tamarron Let's Get Out

With their new single, “Let’s Get Out,” Tamarron have taken a ride up on a psychedelic-pop Ferris wheel, lifting off from the noise-oriented psych rock boardwalk that characterized their earlier material.

“Let’s Get Out” is the first release of a four song EP that the band will put out in early 2017. The foursome keeps busy as contributing musicians to a cohort of related bands. But over the past few months they’ve all buckled down to focus on a batch of songs that, while written collaboratively, germinate from lead man Chad Doriocourt. The song and the forthcoming EP were recorded entirely to tape by Daniel McNeill, the local tape production whiz and current front of house engineer for Austin blues rock veterans White Denim. In fact, while the band was tracking overdubs on “Let’s Get Out,” James Petralli, frontman of White Denim, popped in unexpectedly and helped rearrange vocal harmonies on the track.

Digging into Tamarron’s preceding material we tune in on a young history of crisp and optimistic psych rock. The new track foreshadows a direction that deviates from the oft-overwhelming fuzz blanket that so many Austin psych rock outfits hide behind. “Let’s Get Out” gives us a glimpse of an intentionally polished sound that announces Tamarron’s ability to evolve and produce a more refined strain of pop.

Listening to the new track it’s hard not to be struck by the hooky phrases coming from Moon’s ‘60s Farfisa organ. The bouncy delicacy meets up pleasingly with Moon and Petralli’s vocal harmonies in the chorus, tacking together a tight and concise song. The singing recalls the sustained harmonies of Emitt Rhodes in his stint with The Merry-Go-Round, as well as the stylized coziness of Beatles arrangements, a comparison that is augmented by Sam Jacobson’s melodic bass playing and Sam Houdek’s pocket drums.


Tamarron is Chad Doriocourt (guitar/vocals), Jake Moon (organ/vocals), Stephen Scholz (guitar), Sam Jacobson (bass), Sam Houdek (drums)

Tamarron added Stephen Scholz on rhythm guitar and twelve-string post-recording. Scholz supplements Doriocourt’s imaginative pickwork. The two guitar lines fold together and tiptoe around like Mild High Club, but are equally as assertive as George Harrison. The effect is piercing, yet seductive.

Tamarron are set to release the remainder of the EP in early 2017 before heading out for an East Coast tour. Their homecoming coincides with an honoring selection as an official showcase band at SXSW.

In the meantime you can catch their next local show on Saturday 11/26 at Cheer Up Charlie’s with The Sour Notes.

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