Exclusive Video Premiere: Spirit Stuff “Dreams”

Spirit Stuff are a local quartet who continue to impress us with their ability to shift styles at will, a skill that has allowed them to flourish as a backing band for hip hop acts like Protextor and Secret Levels as well as on their own, more synth-leaning indie rock releases. The band’s newest single “Dreams” has a Flaming Lips feel to it, with lush vocals and washed out synth joined by propulsive rhythms. So it’s only natural that Brad Dugdale III’s video for the track would join in on the dreaminess, with “audio reactive visual loops” created by the band and VJ duo Wol-Vez going off in the background as Spirit Stuff does their thing, dressed like mad scientists turned New Wavers. Take a peek for yourself, then be sure to head to Spirit Stuff’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Pool Party on Saturday, July 29th with Axis Unity and Secret Levels! And as an added bonus, here’s a behind the scenes clip on the making of the video.