Exclusive Video Premiere: Shimmer Island “When We Love”

In their new video for “When We Love,” Shimmer Island wonder if maybe one of the pieces of a Death Star-destroyed planet went off to have new adventures throughout the galaxy. Directed by John Donofrio using a mix of 3D graphics, green screen effects and practical ingenuity, “When We Love” is a whimsical fit for the charming and affable electro-pop song’s theme of healing over time, which in this case happens to span more than a million years. Shimmer Island’s Jeremy Roye said his intent was to pay tribute to “galactic breakups and the deluge of denial and fiery defeat that follows in their wake,” with the floating skeletons, lasers and cosmic detritus all signifying the doubts that can test resolve during recovery. Take a look for yourself below and be sure to catch Shimmer Island on November 7th at Cheer Up’s, where they’ll be joined by Blastfamous USA and Fort Never drummer Deano Cote: