Exclusive Video Premiere: Secret Levels “NPR ft. Spirit Stuff”

Indie hip hop act Secret Levels have been doing more and more collaborations with soulful dance pop group Spirit Stuff ever since we paired them together for our Shift Sessions event with Adam Protextor at Barracuda. It’s a collaboration that makes perfect sense to us, as Spirit Stuff’s ’80s-inflected pop serves as a nice contrast to Secret Levels’ more aggressive and hardened approach. And as the combo’s most recent collaboration “NPR” makes clear, they’re all big fans of indie radio, creating some middle ground for their pairing. That extends to the video the group made for the song as well, featuring both groups riding around Austin in a cramped car, enjoying the final days of summer via whatever’s coming through the radio. You’ll be able to catch Secret Levels next Friday, October 14th at Hole in the Wall as part of their new “Austin’s Finest” residency and both groups will be doing a collaborative performance on October 23rd at Mistress Mansion as part of Ovrld and TuneCore’s AH-FUCC house party festival.