Exclusive Premiere: Protextor “The Help”

Protextor Shift

Sometimes it feels like every service industry employee in Austin is also a musician. I’m sure some of the waiters and bartenders out there have other jobs but damn if it doesn’t seem like every check you’re handed comes with a download link or a mixtape. Protextor certainly does his part to keep that myth going on his new track “The Help,” a plea for sympathy for the service industry backed up by a rousing Ruler Why beat. Even if you aren’t a musician putting those hard earned tips towards new gear and mastering fees, Protextor’s late summer jam should serve as an anthemic boost to overcome any workday blues you have, particularly once Mother Falcon’s Matt Puckett busts in with a rambunctious guitar solo with guesthouse’s sax in tow. You can listen to “The Help” below, and be sure to check out Protextor’s new album Shift when it drops on October 18th and catch Protextor live at Ditch the Fest this Saturday at Empire Control Room: