Exclusive Track Premiere: Protextor and Bird Peterson “Look Around ft Doc Brown”

It’s been five years since Bird Peterson and Space Camp Death Squad teamed up for the masterful “Chuck Roast,” a filthy electro nursery rhyme that climaxed in a round of profanity hurled at targets ranging from John McCain to the DMV. Though it’s not quite a full reunion, Protextor and Bird Peterson’s “Look Around” brings Space Camp’s Doc Brown into the fold for a nasty takedown of the current GOP platform of brutality, bigotry and bullshit. With the deranged marching band beat leaving plenty of space for Protextor and Doc to open fire on their targets, “Look Around” is righteous fury aimed squarely at those who “Pull the trigger while they tell you how/Cancellin’ not fair.” Protextor told us that the track “started off as an ACAB track about police violence,” and then “ultimately became a broad fuck you to white supremacists across the board, from Trump to ICE to trolls online,” and Bird’s cheeky, bombastic beats made for a perfect “cross between SCDS-style political anger, personal vulnerability, and more brazenly tongue-in-cheek rap braggadocio.” Check it out for yourself at the link below and keep an ear out for the upcoming full length Protextor + Bird Peterson release on Cream Dream Records, and for the love of humanity, vote!