Exclusive Video Premiere: Pls Pls Me “Pls You”

Indie pop duo Pls Pls Me are pros at carving out their own queer spaces– they even launched a regular event called Queer MF, featuring music, prose and the occasional drag. So it’s only fitting that they would bring that same spirit to their new video “Pls You.” Directed by MTV vet David Bowles, “Pls You” flips the script of straight oriented music video dramas by revealing that the two halves of the Pls Pls Me are not pining for each other but for their same sex costars, culminating in rainbow romance without indulging in any queer tragedy tropes. That pairs beautifully with the sparse instrumentation and raw vocals of the song itself, recalling both early XX and Everything But the Girl. Take a look for yourself below, and if you’re out in New York on Wednesday, December 18th you can check out the release party!