Exclusive Video Premiere: Name Sayers “Satan is My Chair”

The transformation of Devin James Fry into a Texan Nick Cave continues with Name Sayers’ new “Satan is My Chair,” a menacing Southern gothic ode about the devil inside that now comes complete with an 8mm mini epic courtesy of David Nast Cole. Shot like a regional supernatural flick, combining the backcountry vibe of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre with the eerie mystery of the original Wicker Man, “Satan is My Chair” is nonetheless meant to serve as a wake up call “to the commands of Nature herself,” as Devin put it when reaching out to us. To quote Devin further, “The chair we all sit in right now — whatever you may call it — is uncomfortable, and discomfort leads to action. Sharpen yourselves.” Sounds like you might want to follow his lead and break out your inner machete.