Exclusive Video Premiere: &more “Faces Places”

Scuare and no1mportant’s project &more has brought out some of the best work by the two MC-producers, highlighting the natural chemistry and camaraderie between the two as they push each other to evolve. The duo’s release Existence is Futile from February still stands as one of the best LPs to come out of Austin this year and now they’ve teamed up with Ndelible Ink to make a video for standout track “Faces Places,” putting a spooky spin on their friendship. The video follows Scuare around a goat farm where he chills on his bike and raps into the camera before no1mportant pops up looking like he just escaped from a burn ward, bringing a creepy vibe to the otherwise harmless line “I’ve spent too many days alone.” Take a peek for yourself, and be sure to pick up the album if you haven’t already!