Exclusive Video Premiere: Mamahawk “Lioness”

For Mamahawk’s new video “Lioness,” John Valley set out to show a lighter side of VR. Rather than display some kind of technopacolypse induced by the scrambling of our brains, “Lioness” is all wonder and whimsy, with Mamahawk’s sprightly electro pop soundtracking a trio virtually inhabiting the experience of dancer Alex Masi. Masi serves as the muse not just for Valley but for the characters watching her, their digital expressions on the outside of their early Iron Man-esque helmets shifting from down and glum to ecstatic as the experience progresses, climaxing in a disco lightshow as the song explodes. Take a peek for yourself below and then catch Mamahawk on Saturday, June 2nd for Mobley’s album release show at Mohawk: