Exclusive Premiere: Magna Carda’s “City to City”

Here at Ovrld, we just can’t get enough Magna Carda. The young hip-hop ensemble has been churning out consistently excellent music for some time, but this year they had their breakthrough with Van Geaux, which prompted us to ask whether they might just be “the coolest band in Austin.” They recently released an EP that had the band revisiting tracks from Van Geaux, and we quite liked what we heard, so it wasn’t too surprising to hear they were going to be one of the bands involved in this year’s Music Video Race. For those unfamiliar with the MVR, it’s a competition that takes place in Los Angeles, San Francisco and now Austin each year, where filmmakers are paired with bands and given just one weekend to plot, shoot and edit a music video. The videos are then screened the next weekend and the audience votes on the videos to determine winners for a few different categories. This year, Magna Carda was paired with Tsuki Mah, a team that also took part in this year’s 48 Hour Film Festival, and their video for “City to City” tied with Gina Chavez’s “Gotta Get” for Best Onscreen Performance. Check it out below and don’t forget to stop by the MVR site to see more videos, including those from competitions in other cites.