Exclusive Premiere: Magna Carda “Angela Bassett”

Magna Carda Angela Bassett

You should turn off whatever you’ve secretly got playing on your work computer (come on now, how many more times do you need to hear Ryan Adams sing “Shake It Off?”) and listen up because Austin hip hop MVPs Magna Carda have a surprise new single for you to get down to. Though I once dubbed Magna Carda “Austin’s answer to The Roots,” this new track with an unexpected celebrity moniker is a vibrant display of Magna Carda’s less traditional side, the quirky minimalist production serving as an unpredictable foil to an especially ferocious Megz Kelli vocal. Magna Carda has rightfully earned ample praise for their tight musicianship in a live setting, but Dougie Do is one of the most finely skilled producers to come out of Texas in ages, equally comfortable with classic jazzy cool as he is with frenetic futurist style and “Angela Bassett” showcases both halves of that, the initial electronic kinkiness giving way to a lush keyboard and guitar dominated back half. The album “Angela Bassett” is teasing is bound to be full of similar musical daredevilry and we’re suddenly impatient to hear the results. So take a peek and let us know what you think and maybe consider throwing Magna Carda a buck with an iTunes purchase. Or even better, catch them next Saturday at Spider House at the Weird City comeback show!