Exclusive Track Premiere: Lord Buffalo “Axolotl”

Apocalyptic folk ensemble Lord Buffalo are back with “Axolotl,” a single named for the cute but critically endangered amphibian you might recognize from gifs like this one. But make no mistake, “Axolotl” sounds more like the marching theme for an especially angry Aztec god than a harmless amphibian, with the band describing it as “part folk, part metal.” The single also contains the b-side “Indian Summer,” featuring the vocals of Caitlin Kraus-Torres; “Indian Summer” was recently featured in Tower the hit SXSW documentary about the UT Tower shooting, and you’ll be able to catch that in theatres in October. In the meantime, be sure to stop by Hotel Vegas tomorrow, August 24th, for Lord Buffalo’s single release party with Gossamer Frontier: