Exclusive Video Premiere: Lochness Mobsters “Igloo’s Icepick”

Lochness Mobsters Hotel Vegas

Lovable garage rockers Lochness Mobsters have a show this Thursday, July 28th at Hotel Vegas to kick off their upcoming tour and to help get the word out, they sent us a new video to premiere. The clip has the trio putting on matching NASA jumpsuits and proceeding to torment random people, like prankster astronauts who were kicked out of the space program for not taking their astro studies seriously. The track itself is less malevolent than its visual accompaniment but just as fun, with a dreamy chorus and ample hazy psych elements. But still, we’d recommend staying on guard when you catch them on Thursday, or else you might realize a little too late that Lochness Mobsters replaced your beer with a different, far less palatable yellow liquid.