Exclusive Video Premiere: LaToya Kent “Hue Man”

Dire as 2020 has been for music at large, iNsect Records has been in peak form, releasing some of the best work in their history from an increasingly diverse roster. And right here at the tail end of the year, they’re continuing that with LaToya Kent’s Nothing, a raw and sensual release from the Mourning [A] BLKstar vocalist that recalls Tricky at the height of his powers. We’re excited to bring you the video premiere of “Hue Man,” a standout track from the album that pairs Kent’s soulful and transcendental voice with menacing, doom-filled bass and a percolating rhythm. The video– directed by Kent as well as Tehiti & Christopher Lampkin— builds on the alternately sensual and sinister aesthetic, zooming in so close on bodies in motion they’re almost not even recognizable as human anymore, while the film itself decays and boils. Kent told us “Hue Man” “is a nod to being human on a planet where we move about as if we aren’t each a full on miracle. When we take a moment and really notice the workings of the body with its bone and skin, mind and emotion, it is magical. The universe is a sacred union of all within itself.” Check it out for yourself below, and be sure to pick up Nothing via inSect Records today on Bandcamp Friday!