Exclusive Premiere: Kilmatik “Regular (ft. .beta)”

Kilmatik Regular

Early on in his new single “Regular,” Kilmatik declares “I don’t trust funny beards” and it’s hard to disagree with the sentiment. A buzzy anti-weirdo anthem that takes Austin’s slack culture to task, “Regular” is a tribute to the hard workers who feel at odds with the frequently suffocating Neverland nature of the ATX.¬†Over a synth-heavy beat from Ruler Why, Kilmatik makes a good case for regular as the new weird in Austin, stating “I don’t want to be different/I want to get in where I fit in,” detailing a daily regimen that’s heavier on mic practice than beard upkeep. Even if you’re a beautiful weirdo, chances are you’ve looked around at some of your peers and felt the same way, so maybe give “Regular” a chance for a change.