Exclusive Video Premiere: Kidlat “It’s Horrible!!”

I can’t think of the last time a song struck the “it me” chord as much as Kidlat’s “It’s Horrible!!” The endearingly shambling indie pop song is all about needing someone to not make a big deal out of you just wanting to not go out or do a damn thing for the night, because the last time you went downtown you puked your guts out. Musically it’s got that “extroverted introvert” vibe, a buoyant mix of eager drums and bouncy guitars to go along with the aloof vocals. But the video makes the anxiety behind the lyrics present itself a little more forcefully, as the band members all get nosebleeds from trying to act like they’re fine while the pressure of whatever’s eating away at them refuses to back down. Kidlat guitarist/vocalist Alex Villareal explained that the video is about the feeling when “in your brain you’re screaming “it’s horrible!!!! It’s horrible!!!!”” further explaining “I’m constantly worried someone will find out I’m just faking my way through everything. And one day everyone will point and scream “Liar! Fraud!” They probably will one day.” The good news for Kidlat is that I think you’ll agree they’re definitely not faking being a damn good band, so check the video out for yourself below and then pick up their album Gettin’ Pretty on December 14th from We’re Trying Records!