Exclusive Video Premiere: Kalijah “The Beam”

Kalijah bring the haunted, sprawling imagery of the west to life in their breathtaking new video “The Beam.” Singer/guitarist Micah Paredes hails from Terlingua, Texas and the landscape of West Texas informs his songwriting, so he had director Victor Kulagin shoot the video there, emphasizing the beauty and danger of his hometown. Though the video was shot on a small budget, it feels epic because of how Kulagin films the area, with wide, leisurely shots that dwarf the lost and wandering protagonist giving way to nighttime scenes where flickering campfires are all that keep the shadows and sunstroke-induced hallucinations at bay. Take a look for yourself and then follow Kalijah for updates on their upcoming debut EP Mouth of the Cave, which they’re recording at King Electric Studios with Justin Douglas.