Exclusive Video Premiere: Kae Astra “Dreams”

Kae Astra’s work is full of celestial tones and a deep sense of longing but on the aptly named “Dreams,” the artist takes that even further, with a performance that’s like Kate Bush collaborating with Angelo Badalamenti. Astra has stated that the song is “about, and is an expression for, anyone who has suffered deep pain and survived some kind of trauma or loss” and for the video Astra enlisted director Stephanie Ard, who clicked with Astra’s celestial visions from the start, bringing them to life through the use of beautiful and expressive choreography and afterlife imagery. Ard told us that “As soon as I heard the song, I felt like I was floating through a celestial landscape, and I wanted to bring that to the screen.” We think you’ll agree with Astra’s assessment that “The striking imagery and passion of the dancers in such a constrained and simple space captured the volatile spiritual connection we have to pain, loss and suffering (and the inevitable healing journey we all must take) that I portray in my songwriting and production.” Take a look for yourself below and be sure to catch Kae Astra at the Modern Outsider showcase at Cheer Up Charlie’s during SXSW on March 16th!