Exclusive Video Premiere: Interrobang “In the Roots”

Interrobang return to the simple majesty of the outdoors of their youth for their soulful new song and video “In the Roots.” The title references a poem by John Piller which resonated with songwriter Mason Hankamer, specifically because of his memories of his grandpa’s farm in the small Texan town that shares their family name. That land was recently destroyed by a hurricane and Hankamer says the melody is meant to reflect the poem’s theme of a place existing solely in your memory, but with a modern jazz and soul spin. Outside of the hard bop elements and gospel influence, the song also manages to fit in a riff on the horns from Action Bronson’s hit “Baby Blue.” The live video itself takes a no frills approach, focusing on the performances and the tightness of the band, and gives a spotlight to tenor saxophonist Louk Cox in one of his last appearances with the band before he went back to Amsterdam. Check out the video below and catch the band every Sunday at Stay Gold for their Brass Sabbath residency!