Exclusive Video Premiere: Galen Ballinger “Miss America”

Mr Pink Records head (and friend to Ovrld) Jonas Wilson has a knack for finding and nurturing performers who have unique and profound perspectives and styles. Case in point: Galen Ballinger, whose debut album To Build Afire announces Ballinger as an artist who sounds grizzled and wizened beyond his years, like a rootsier Nick Cave or Steve Earle as produced by Sparklehorse. The self-directed video for “Miss America,” one of Ballinger’s most haunting and evocative tracks, embraces that southern gothic surreality aesthetic, dropping Ballinger into natural locales and empty towns while expressing gender fluidity, contrasting rugged rural masculinity with femme shapes and symbols and dress. Take a look for yourself below and be sure to pick up To Build Afire today for Bandcamp Friday!