Exclusive Video Premiere: Common Goalz “Freedom (ft. Guilty Simpson & Muggzy Flowz”

Long before anyone has seeking out lo-fi beats to chill and/or study to, Ndelible Ink were bringing cerebral and dusty production to the Austin masses. Ndelible Ink’s core aesthetic hasn’t made any radical changes since the ascent of lo-fi but they’ve grown more ambitious and confident, particularly with flagship project Wallaby & Bobbes, now rechristened as Common Goalz. That ambition is on full display on “Freedom,” both in track form and in its new mixed media video. Featuring heavy hitters Guilty Simpson and Muggzy Flowz as well as Jonwayne on mixing and mastering duties, “Freedom” is an intellectual tour-de-force filtered through Ndelible Ink’s trademark wonder and whimsy. That latter element is emphasized in the video with hand drawn animations superimposed over documentary-style footage, framed as some daydreamy channel surfing. We think you’ll agree it’s simple and brilliant, and most importantly, it’s fun, but take a look for yourself at the link below: