Exclusive Video Premiere: HADES “Flow”

Hip hop sadist HADES teases his upcoming new album Can’t Spell Confidence Without Con with his new video “Flow,” featuring HADES going off on the state of hip hop while rocking some Marilyn Manson inspired imagery. The track itself is about the navel gazing of the indie hip hop scene and the uninspired mimicry of the mainstream, prompting HADES to look in the mirror and ask “If I don’t respect the new/Am I stuck in my ways/Like a tired old man/Who already had his days.” Though it’s decidedly lo-fi and spontaneous, the ongoing self-reflexive conversations in the lyrics get meta in the visuals, as HADES confronts his other selves, including a corpse painted personification of his rage. The album will be out May 30th, but you can pre-order it now.