Exclusive Video: Jad Fair on Hardly Sound


As hard as it may seem to believe, we here at OVRLD aren’t the only ones interested in exploring, reviewing and promoting the great underground artists of Central Texas. We are proud any chance we get to partner with other similarly-minded organizations and today that group is Hardly Sound.

Hardly Sound is a PBS music documentary series that airs on KLRU-TV and focuses on underground Texas musicians. They are psyched about their upcoming episode featuring Jad Fair, of the band Half Japanese, who lives just outside of Manor.

I’ll let producer Randy Reynolds explain why this episode is going to be so cool:

“Half Japanese has existed since 1974 and is considered one of the first lo-fi bands. Jad Fair has also made records with Daniel Johnston, Yo La Tengo, and Teenage Fanclub. He’s worked with Moe Tucker (of The Velvet Underground), Kramer, R Stevie Moore, and The Pastels. He’s also an established artist specializing in paper cuttings, paintings, drawings, and mixed media. His work has been shown around the world. Obviously, I am a big fan.

Jad played at Mohawk with Amy Annelle whom we were filming for a part in an episode on Ralph White.
I just spoke to him breifly and asked if he was interested in being part of the series. I emailed him the next day and the ball got rolling from there. Originally we were going to go with him to Japan. He had a June tour planned with Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub but we didn’t have the funds to take the trip. So Jad mentioned playing shows with Neutral Milk Hotel in October and we jokingly said we should film that and Jad made it happen. 4 months later we were at the airport on our way to Atlanta, then riding in a rental car with Jad to Athens, then Raleigh, then Asheville, and back to Atlanta. Jad continues to be very generous with his time and has been nothing but kind to us.”

If you like this clip, they’re screening the whole video THIS THURSDAY from 7-9pm at the Museum of Human Achievement. Jad will be performing and doing a Q&A, and there will be free beer from Real Ale.
RSVP here: http://bit.ly/1hglJPn

Jad Screening

– Carter Delloro & Ovrld Crew