Exclusive Track Premiere: Mean Jolene “Sick Obsession”

Next week, Barracuda is going to be hosting a pretty monumental event, unveiling Austin Town Hall’s Slack Capital compilation, a smorgasbord of incredible new local music hand picked by Big Bill. ATH sent us an advance copy of the compilation and we’re pretty excited for the rest of the city to hear it today, as we’re confident it’s going to be the No New York for Austin weirdo wave. ATH also asked us to pick a track to premiere, which was a ridiculously difficult task given the talent assembled on the mix, but we ultimately settled on Mean Jolene’s shimmery garage pop ode to stimulant addiction “Sick Obsession.” We’ve been following Mean Jolene closely for the past year, so we’re glad to get to share this wonderful track with all of you. And don’t forget to come out to Barracuda next Friday, April 15th for the big Slack Capital party, featuring special guest David Liebe Hart of Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! fame