EXCLUSIVE Stream: Gorgeous Hands 7 Inch

When I first wrote about the Magnificent Snails, I noted that their EP Baby Acid Trips was pleasant and promising, but paled in comparison to the live material I had heard at any early winter show. Well, the band has finally put some of that new hotness on tape. And in the meantime, they also have changed their name. Now, the Galis brothers and company are known as The Gorgeous Hands. Guitarist and vocalist Charlie Magnone explains, “We’ve outgrown the Snails moniker.” Illustrating that he could write for OVRLD if he wanted to, he continues, “[Our new music] is really a whole level above our early stuff – most of which was cheeky, danceable, country rock. Now we’re more like frenetic, pop, rock and rollers and we want to give our new music a new breath of life.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. The new 7″ sports two songs that are head and shoulders above their earlier stuff. Lead track “Swear to Me (That You’ll Stay)” has the same interesting vocal parts as Magnificent Snails tracks, but with much more power in the arrangement and production (Waldo Wittenmyer is growing by leaps and bounds with every recording he engineers; the guy’s got chops in the studio). This is a mature pop-rock record. And it’s followed by the Wilco-aping “Generator,” which is a near-complete break from their prior material, coming across as an epic indie rock anthem. Taken together, it’s the statement of a band ready for a new chapter in its existence, and one that excites me for the material that will surely follow.

We at OVRLD are proud to be able to exclusively debut these new tracks, which you will find below and only below until Thursday, when there will be a release party at the Swan Dive featuring the Couch, Dangeresque, and Fort Collins’ Fierce Bad Rabbit. We hope to see you all there!

– Carter