EXCLUSIVE Shears Remix of GOBI’s “So Alive”


The Shears have been refining their pop sound for a couple of years now, and in the process they have added a refreshing edge to their music. It’s no surprise, then, that they rough up an already hard pop track from local popsters GOBI. “So Alive” is from GOBI’s 2013 album Gold on Black Ice, where GOBI plays it as a dark, subtle number. The Shears turn it into the kind of club banger with which they have started getting more comfortable.

And here’s the original GOBI track:

If you dig that Shears remix, be sure to check out their new record, From the Ashes, which they are releasing tonight with a show at Stubb’s. The songs on From the Ashes don’t reach true dance club status, but they offer the kind of dance-oriented pop that would blow your teenaged cousin’s mind. It’s hooky and sort of grimy and you won’t mind the fact that it gets stuck in your head for days.

Be sure to catch them live tonight and look for their album in all the usual digital places.

– Carter Delloro