Exclusive Video Premiere: Fellows’ “Outside Song”


Fellows is a side project from members of Mother Falcon and Little Lo, and we are honored to premiere their video for the track “Outside Song”, a song written entirely (appropriately enough) outdoors on
singer Riley Engemoen’s front porch. From Engemoen:

“We recorded this song mostly live on the front porch of my dad’s house at night in the summer with cicadas chirpin’ up a storm. That was the place where my sister and I would ride lawnmowers for fun, where I got my first dog and turkey, played sports on broken asphalt, shot bb guns at stuff. This video is an expression of the way I enjoy looking at and remembering things, shot on 16mm film in places I would explore growing up in the hill country. The song is about slowing time and trying to appreciating the moments passing and rolling over you.”

Fellows is made up of members of Mother Falcon, Little Lo, and the UT Basketball Band. Our sound has changed a lot since these recordings, now including upright bass, tuba, rhodes keyboard, but I think these songs are a really cool, simple, early representation of what we are now.”

Enjoy the video!!

-Ovrld Crew