Exclusive Premiere – Lowin’s new track: “Heave Ho”

exclusive-headerlowin-band-photoPhoto by Emree Weaver Photography

Austin is in the midst of a female-centric rock revolution. With Ume’s recent new release and an upcoming new one from Megafauna, hard rock is alive and well in the hands of singer/shredders like Lauren Larson and Dani Neff. More punk-oriented rock is shining in the hands of Feral Future. And now Sara Houser is joining their ranks.

Houser brought herself to the forefront of the scene as part of The Couch. She shone on tracks like “Kick the Can” and “Kaiser” from The Couch’s self-titled second album in 2012, illustrating how perfectly her rich alto meshes with some stellar rock riffs.

Since then, she has amicably parted ways with the Couch (now Otis the Destroyer) to pursue her own project: Löwin. Löwin will debut on April 6th at the Empire Control Room alongside Otis the Destroyer, Emily Bell and Sabrina Ellis’ new project Sweet Spirit. In preparation for that event, check out the unbridled new single, “Heave Ho.”

-Carter Delloro