Exclusive Premiere: Genuine Leather’s “Can’t Have It All”

In case it wasn’t clear from our love of their single “The Viper” or their new EP Losers, we’re in love with Genuine Leather. We’re so in love that we’ve put them on a bill with Ghostbunny and Dead Beat Poetry at Stubb’s this Tuesday, November 11th. And we think they might have feelings for us too based on the fact that they’re letting us share their new track “Can’t Have It All” with you fine folks, exclusively. “Can’t Have It All” skews towards the symphonic, ELO-esque pop end of the band’s sound, and shows that the group’s masterful use of the studio has only gotten better in the wake of Losers. But even if you were to strip out all the studio flourishes, “Can’t Have It All” has a powerful, yearning quality that makes it hard to resist. We hope you enjoy the track as much as we do, and we look forward to seeing you at Stubb’s on Tuesday!