Exclusive Video Premiere: Zachman “Driving”

Local psych group Zachman sent us their new video for “Driving,” a dreamy, seemingly peaceful track that had been matched up with an equally peaceful if somewhat lo-fi travelogue. Then things got freaky.

Zach Endres’ clip for the band is a found footage mumblecore horror epic in miniature, like Baghead or something from the VHS series. Featuring Lesley Pedersen, Hannah McElyea and Jordan Ripley roaming through an especially weird part of the Austin hill country to conduct some kind of ominous ritual, it makes the most of its lo-fi aesthetic, lulling you into believing it’s just a document of a road trip rather than…well, whatever it is that happens in those woods. Check it out for yourself, and don’t hesitate to also check Zachman out in person this Friday, June 3rd at Lambert’s.