Exclusive Premiere: Big Bill “Mainly Manly”

Ovrld has been crushing hardcore on Big Bill since forever. I mean, we even threw a massive weirdo prom with the band. So when Austin Town Hall reached out to ask if we’d like to premiere the band’s B-side to their upcoming ATH single “Weird Walk” we shrieked with excitement and then tried to play it cool, like that sound definitely didn’t come from our mouths but from some tiny mammal hiding somewhere. Anyway, you already know about “Weird Walk,” it’s been a live staple of the band’s for some time, and even got a kitschy video that we covered not too long ago. But “Mainly Manly” is different, hearkening back to the earlier Big Bill, with more surf influence and a jittery vocal delivery from Eric Bill. That campy sound is dressing on what is, in typical Big Bill fashion, some astute gender politics talk, as the band explained in depth when they spoke to Impose Magazine earlier this year, stating “This song is in some ways grappling with the uncomfortable fact that when we perform, I’m ultimately yet another white dude with the loudest voice in the room.”

Suffice to say, the whole “Weird Walk” 7″ is very definitely worth your time and we’re pleased to be bringing you an exclusive stream of “Mainly Manly” in advance of its Friday digital release, and don’t forget to head to End of an Ear this Sunday, February 28th to pick up a physical copy of “Weird Walk.”