EXCLUSIVE new song from Hikes


Anyone who has listened to an episode of Carter and Robin Talk About Music knows that I have an instinctive reaction to songs longer than, say, six and a half minutes. I tend not to give them much of a shot. Life is short! And why get in one 12-minute post-rock slog when I can ingest half a Future Death album in that much time?

However, if every long song were as interesting as a Hikes track, I would listen to a lot more of them. They describe themselves as Math-Folk, but don’t let that deter you. This is smart, challenging music that still has a heart. Hikes is going to release their latest, self-titled EP on Friday at Cheer Up Charlie’s, and we will be the first ones in line.

So that you can hear for yourself how engaging and intricate this album is, we are sharing with you the opening track, “Spring Forward.” Hear it here and nowhere else until tomorrow night, and enjoy!

– Carter Delloro