Exclusive Video Premiere: AKAdemics “Creation of Destruction”

Austin’s College of Hip Hop Knowledge collective has fostered a lot of impressive collaborations since its inception and the latest example of that is AKAdemics, a group comprised of Big Mic, Jsun the Prophesor and DJ Berlin. AKAdemics’ sound on their new single is a mix of electronic instrumentation and old school flows, making for a harder and more hook-driven sound than the classical approach Big Mic and Jsun often take on solo efforts. The trio are currently utilizing a more political lyrical approach, too, as you can plainly see in GrindLife Films’ video “Creation of Destruction.” Big Mic explains that the song is commentary on “the lack of leadership and legitimacy to our government,” and the destruction that’s causing, particularly for the upcoming generations who will inherit this mess. Big Mic and Jsun even had their own kids act in the video, clad in Trump and Guy Fawkes masks, to make the connection to the impact on the future even clearer. Check it out below and then catch AKAdemics tomorrow, April 28th at Kick Butt Coffee with Kartune and more!