Exclusive Video Premiere: Deals “Step Into the Light”

Though this is indeed a video premiere, we’re particularly excited to share something a bit more special than that today with “Step Into the Light,” the premiere of Deals on the whole, in a sense. Deals is comprised of Michael Anthony Gibson (Not in the Face, Harvest Thieves, Blind Pets), Jacob Cruz (Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes) and Scotty May (FOOLS) and while they’ve been popping up with increasing regularity on Austin bills (and now finally have a Facebook page!), “Step Into the Light” is the first recording they’ve released. The video, directed and edited by Gibson, pairs the epic, heaven scraping track with a globe spanning montage, ranging from tranquil shots of natural beauty to slow-mo destruction of a number of objects. Like the song itself, the effect is dazzling, a fitting visual representation of the lyrics’ argument for preferring the beauty of earth to any supposed afterlife. Take a peek for yourself and then catch the band tomorrow, January 16th, at Hotel Vegas for the single release!