Exclusive Video Premiere: Deals “Run Away”

Michael Anthony Gibson is one of the pillars of Austin indie scene, both for his guitar heroics in acts like Not in the Face and his production chops, including video directing for artists like Residual Kid. But Gibson’s newest project Deals feels like his most personal yet, bringing together all of his influences in one tidy package, from moody post-rock atmospherics to psych drone and classic rock riffs, like a lightning infused Frankenstein’s monster merger of Pink Floyd and Explosions in the Sky. For lead off single “Run Away,” Gibson enlisted Harvest Thieves’ Annah Fissette for backing vocals, adding a melancholic texture to the brooding epic, and with director Angela Herr created a time travelling video that has Gibson running through an endless hallway where each room has a different vision of his past, present and future, including a trippy slow motion display of some decidedly Pete Townshend-esque stage antics. Take a look at our premiere below and then be sure to pick up the self-titled debut from Mr Pink Records on Bandcamp!