Exclusive Premiere: Dead Beat Poetry’s “Life Sucks Then You Die”

Words by Nate Abernethy

Photos by Alisa Longoria

Dead Beat Poetry

Tonight at Stubb’s is gonna be epic, y’all. With our second exclusive premiere this week leading up to the show something tells me we’re in for quite a treat. Dallas duo Dead Beat Poetry has slowly but surely made their long awaited jump to the Austin scene. Already possessing a fairly expansive catalogue, the band’s southern rock sound and duo status will draw the unavoidable blessing and curse of comparisons to part-time Austinites Black Pistol Fire or perhaps even a grittier The Black Keys, however its Dead Beat Poetry’s ability to blend subtle influences and goofy punk streak that allow them to stand on their own. From lovelorn tracks like “In My Veins”, that are so shamelessly and soothingly ’90s you’ll find yourself suddenly wearing your favorite pair of acid wash jeans, to wonderfully catchy entries such as  “Broken Bottle Hangover” a song begging not only to be a hit but an everyday saying, Dead Beat Poetry maintains a cohesive showcase of talent with ever so slight experimentations of everything from New Orleans blues, California surf rock and even an occasional tease of country twang.

Seemingly never satisfied with their own songs, we’ve got the premier of “Life Sucks Then You Die” the first of a batch of new tracks that seek to subtlety flesh out their grungy sound. With a simple thumping guitar and steady driving percussion that disguise later flashes of showboating brilliance and one of the most dynamic drummers I’ve ever seen “Life Sucks Then You Die” is a fun and fuzzy track that’s only slightly less morbid that you’d expect and possesses wonderfully warped catchiness that’ll have you involuntarily foot tapping in no time. Make it out early Tuesday night to be sure and catch the track live!