Exclusive Video Premiere: Dat Boy Supa “Higher ft. G-Jet”

As one of the premier veterans of the Austin hip hop scene, Dat Boy Supa knows better than most the struggle that goes in to making it as an artist. Supa’s new video “Higher” explores that, switching between Supa as a kid first falling in love with hip hop and his adult self out on the road, with guest G-Jet’s scenes focusing on family life. RobGFilm went all out for the production, too, throwing in not just impressive lighting and framing but also helicopter overhead shots and dolly zooms. All in all it makes for one of the most well-crafted videos Austin hip hop has produced. Though “Higher” comes from Supa’s last album, Supacabra, Supa told us he’s going to drop a new album called Perception towards the end of the year and will have a single from it, “Black Tears,” available next month. Supa will also be hitting A3C in Atlanta and touring New Orleans. But before he heads out, give his new video some love: